Forced Convection Heat Seat

Forced Convection Heat Seat Picture

Substantial cooling power can be achieved by using forced convection. The Q can be reduced to below 0.2 oC/W.

Forced convection heat seat three general ways applications:
Mount the fan or blower to one side of theforced convectionheat seat and force air through the heat seat parallel to the extrusion direction.
Mount the fan or blower near the center of forced convection heat seat on top of the fin and force the air downward to the base and through two open sides.
Same as except force the air upward from the base and through two open sides.
These methods should be carefully assessed from the complete package point of view to reach a best solution for a particular application.
A black anodize finish does not improve much for the force convection heat seat.
Linear Feet per Minute (LFM) equals to the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of the fan or blower divided by the orifice area in square feet.

The fan, a moving device, has a much lower MTBF than the TEC. Easy maintenance to the fan should be considered in designing the cooling assembly.